Laboratory SIBIO 93 Ltd. was established in 1993 and is equipped with the necessary for versatile activity of the company, advanced equipment.

In it, we:
*   Control
produced by us SIBIOGEL®MC stabilizers and emulsifiers;
*   Experiment, for the best (technological and cost-effective) combination of products and supplements that manufacturers need;
*   We examine biotechnological processes for obtaining bioactive components of functional foods;
*   Wanted new functional ingradienti modified by plant polysaccharides, new enzymes, biologically active substances and modification of polysaccharides; ;
*   Develop new biotechnological processes for functional foods and health.

In the laboratory as a service we offer:
1. Implementation of independent quality control and safety
of you use raw materials and end your products, by standard physicochemical and microbiological analysis;
2. Specific Analysis, according to your needs and problems.