-  Complex stabilizers "SIBIOGEL®MC" for:

In the production of dessert creams, puddings, shakes and mousses, as stabilizers and emulgators, have applications SIBIOGEL®MC 110, SIBIOGEL®MC 848 and SIBIOGEL®MC 820 in doses:
- 0,1% - 0,3% for creams, puddings, mousses;
- 0,05% - 0,2% for shakes;
- 0,5% - 1,0% for jelling creams and caramel cream...

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Cream cheese

In the production of milk creams, emulsions and cream cheeses, have applications SIBIOGEL®MC 55, in doses:
- 0,3% - 0,6% for cream cheeses;
- 0,2% - 0,3% for mayonnaise creams.

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Low fat mayonnaise

In the production of low fat (35% - 50% vegetable oil content) mayonnaise and milk creams emulsions, are offered SIBIOGEL®MC 311 and SIBIOGEL®MC 312, in doses:
- 0,5% - 1,5% .

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Sauces, dressings, and ketchups

In the production of salad sauces, dressings and ketchups, for excellent texture and appropriate viscosity of the end product, we offer the complex stabilizers SIBIOGEL®MC 110, SIBIOGEL®MC 849 and SIBIOGEL®MC 848 that guarantee 20 - 30% water binding when applied at a concentrations of:
- 0,2 - 0,3%.

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-  New products

SIBIO 93 study the biosynthesis of new oligosaccharides as prebiotics in the functional food and on this basis:
- We provide innovative solutions for producing of functional oligosaccharides.
- We offer innovative solutions and technologies for the production of enzymes and enzyme complexes.
- SIBIO 93 Ltd. provides innovative solutions for the manufacture of symbiotic products.

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Fine bakery products

In the production of cakes, dry cakes, sweeties, honee cakes and other fine bakery products (with and without filler) shall be using complex stabilizer SIBIOGEL®MC 190
in doses: - 0,1% - 0,2% to the quantity of flour, depending on the formulation of final product

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