SIBIO 93 Ltd. was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1993. Since then the company has been growing steadily and is now one of the largest producers of functional food ingredients in Bulgaria. The company produces mainly hydrocolloid and emulsifier blends as trade mark SIBIOGEL®. The functional blends have a large application in food industry. The company is seeking to achieve exactly the right combination of products optimizing the overall effect of the finished blend.

In 1998 SIBIO 93 Ltd. started a program for new food technologies and formulations in the field of emulsions. Since then the company has been studying new compositions of polysaccharides and fibres for functional and healthy foods. We use different oligosaccharides like prebiotik in the recipes for healthy foods.

In our laboratory we study the influence of different stabilizers and emulsifiers on the stability of food emulsions. SIBIO 93 Ltd. gives its customers technical and technological help and information about working out ideas and their practical adoption in food industry / i.e. in emulsions, dairy and bakery products/.

We know the tendencies in the food development, i.e. in the producing of health food. So we have already started special investigation in vitro concerning the influence of oligosaccharides on LAB - Bulgarian strains. SIBIO 93 Ltd. have a program to study the stimulating influence of oligosaccharides on the physiological state of different strains LAB, isolated out of Bulgarian dairy products. On the basis of the results we intend to develop special recipes of healthy dairy products.

The biotechnologists from SIBIO 93 Ltd. provide its experience, in the biosynthesis of microbial polysaccharides, oligosaccharides and enzymes and their application in the implementation of highly efficient technologies for food and pharmaceutical industries. The company has got two patents about methods for biosynthesis of xanthan gum.

At the moment SIBIO 93 Ltd. is studying biosynthesis of new oligosaccharides as prebiotics in functional foods.